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For you next event, order breakfast or lunch


Boxed Coffee


Breakfast Assortment

Includes an assortment of muffins, crumb cakes, cinnamon rolls, turnovers & danishes
Large 56.99 | Small 35.99

Nova Lox Platter

Served on a bed of lettuce with sliced tomato, Bermuda onion and capers. One Pound - 39.99


Serves 10 - 12 people
Caesar Salad 24.99 | Chop Chop Salad 29.99 | Garden Salad 24.99 | Greek Salad 29.99 | Yogurt Parfait 41.99

Bagel Platter

Featuring freshly baked, sliced assorted bagels and our own whipped cream cheese.
Large (2 dozen and 3 cream cheeses) 41.99
Medium (1½ dozen and 2 cream cheeses) 30.49
Small (1 dozen and 1 cream cheese) 23.99

Fruit Platter

Fresh seasonal fruits
Large 82.49 | Small 38.49

Sandwich Platters

Custom ordered and price based on filling selections. Available on choice of bread, bagels, wraps or rolls -
Starting at 30.00

Party Bagels

Featuring our 18-inch large bagel in the flavor of your choice. Choose from our 3 different types
Feeds up to 18 - starting at 44.99

Cold Cut Party Bagel | Lunch Salad Party Bagel | Cream Cheese Party Bagel

Thoroughly cooking meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish or eggs reduces the risk of foodborne illness